IAS Mains 2015 & Beyond – Mini Quiz #3

With special focus on GS3, here are the questions to solve for today. Model answers will be made available tomorrow.


#1. Write a note on Green India Mission with special emphasis on its goals and current status.

The National Mission for Green India (GIM) is one of the eight Missions outlined under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). It aims at protecting; restoring and enhancing India’s diminishing forest cover and responding to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures.

Try to consolidate your answer and keep it to the point. Do not start explaining the concept and waste words on that.

#2. (a) What is ‘DigiLocker’? Discuss its utility.
#2. (b) What is ‘Could Computing’? Identify its benefits.

Factual question. Should be an easy answer. Try putting in some government of india centric points on how this can be extended to enhance participation, reach etc.

#3. ‘Cyberspace has emerged as the biggest challenge to the national security’. Comment.

Start your answer with an India centric viewpoint. Use a popular case (example) to establish your theory.

#4. Discuss the environmental impact of constructing dams in Himalayan region and suggest the mitigating strategies.

#5. Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of the disasters/ As an administrator what steps shall you initiate to mitigate impact of flooding in the coastal and island territories of the country.

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