IAS pre 2016 by Tikdams

Over the last one month, I solved previous years papers with you in a way not done by most coaching. Solutions were not to provide you with additional information but to analyse the pattern, finding most important topics and solving papers with limited knowledge.

Now I put my method to test of IAS pre 2016 –

Many of these are easy questions and you may anyway have solved them but the point is what we had been doing for last 1 month was helpful in exam.

So let the tidam begin

  1. TPP question
  • All pacific rim countries except USA and Russia
  • For maritime security only

Only £ redflag £ pause and think £ false


  1. Gram Nyayalay

Civil only not criminal

Not even petty criminal cases?? Obviously false


  1. Astradharini
  • Astra dharan karne wali
  • Ship holding weapons
  • Torpedoes


  1. GCC
  • Iran is not in Arabian peninsula
  • Iran ki banti bhi nhi kisi se
  • Iran is not sunni monarchy


  1. Atal Pension Yojana
  • Only 1 member can join
  • Why not other members?
  • Everyone needs pension in old age
  1. Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
  • Thermonuclear bomb is hydrogen bomb – N. Korea claims
  • Hydrogen bomb – fusion


  1. INternational solar alliance
  • All members of UN
  • Obviously false


  1. Air Quality Index
  • Mentioned umpteen times by me in titbits and other places that CO2 not part of it. Just remember this much
  • Excluded c02


  1. Astrosat
  • Apart from USA and Russia, India only country
  • What about EU??
  • False
  • 2000 kg
  • PSLV can’t launch very heavy satellites


  1. Mars mission
  • India only country successful in 1st mission
  • Pause think
  • It’s true £ we took so much pride in that
  • Mark blindly


  1. Artificial sea port
  • Obviously only landlocked states would want this
  • Andhra and Karnataka eliminated
  1. Man who knew infinity
  • Infinity means mathematics
  • Only mathematician in option – Ramanujam


  1. Paris deal
  • Signed by all UN members
  • NOt even one did not sign?
  • False, eliminate 2 options
  1. Love story of son of Shunga dynasty
  • Swapanavasvadatta – swapan means dream, it’s about the dream
  • Ratnavali everyone knows is from the times f Harsha
  • Meghdootam – Megha – cloud
  • Love story male and female
  • Malvikaagnimitra – Malvika and Agnimitra


  1. OPCW
  • International body – why would it be under EU
  • Eliminate 1


  1. Fasal bima Yojana
  • 2% premium for any crop in any season
  • Any £ red flag £ rabi more premium

17. GIHAS -Globally important heritage system

  • Provide GI status to all varieties
  • Seriously, GI to all!
  • Eliminate it,


  • Did it help you? How many marks are you in positive? Please let us know.
  • If it harmed you? How many marks? Please also let us know, why do you think it harmed you?

Wish you all the success

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By Dr V

Doctor by Training | AIIMSONIAN | Factually correct, Politically not so much | Opinionated? Yes!

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