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We are starting to release the mock interview videos. The playlist is being maintained here.

It is well known that the interview is the third and final stage of the CSE. But, the importance of this stage is often underestimated. Despite being a fraction of the total marks in the exam, its weightage is tremendous when it comes to the final rank a candidate gets. Many times it is the interview that makes or breaks your dream of joining the elite clique of civil servants.

It is vital to realise that cracking the interview is an ‘art’ as well as a ‘science’, both of which are intrinsically connected. In order to understand this enigma, Civils Daily studied the interview to the bone and the findings were shared with the student community through the free lectures of Sh. V.P. Singh (IRTS, 2009).

We went one step further and conducted mock interviews based on the findings of our research. The mocks were taken by a distinguished panel of experts including Dr. Makhan Saikia (published author and faculty of Pol. Sc.), Sh. V.P. Singh (IRTS, 2009) and Mr. Rakesh Dalal (Core Faculty and Mentor, CD). The comprehensive assessment has been done on parameters like:

  1. Integrity
  2. Leadership
  3. Critical power of assimilation
  4. Openness to new ideas
  5. A clear and logical expression
  6. Balance of judgement
  7. Mental alertness
  8. Emotional stability
  9. Body language

The mocks not just corroborated the strengths of the candidates, but, and more importantly; revealed hidden shortcomings which could have proved deadly in the actual interview.

The following are the links of the mock interviews taken on 8th January 2019 for your reference:


Personifying a ‘never-say-die attitude’, Kunal is a charismatic young man whose passion for civil services is equated by his calm composure and balanced replies in this ‘stress interview’. After his B.Tech (Computer Sc. and Engineering) from IIT, Hyderabad; Kunal had been working in a reputed MNC for 3 yrs until his decision to take on the UPSC. This mock interview will be most beneficial to those having PSIR optional and to those dejected with multiple attempts at CSE.


With a passion for teaching and serving the underprivileged, this electronics and communication engineer from NSIT, Delhi has balanced his job with social service. With PSIR as his optional subject and an intriguing social service profile, Rohit made a classic interview candidate. His replies further kindled the interview panel’s curiosity. Watch this session to find out what could be those obscure contradictions in your DAF that could cost you your dream job.


This energetic mechanical engineer from IIT Guwahati has a DAF that can fill anyone with awe. The diversity of his extracurriculars are equivalent to his academic feats. But, nothing attracts the inquisitiveness of the interview board more than a rich DAF. Watch this electrifying session for life-changing tips on interview prep.

CD has done its part in making this ordeal of a stage more intelligible and less daunting. It is now your turn to roll the ball further with your valuable feedback and active cooperation.

Let 2019 be the year you make history!!

Team CD

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