Interview Transcript – Akshay Bhorde

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam


– Tell me about your educational background
– What we’re you doing at CARE
– Why did you decided to leave CARE
– Tell me about JFM in India
-What were the challenges in JFM
– What was the role of IIFM in your career and how did it help you


– When did the environmental movement start in India
– Do you think awareness in environmental domain is necessary ? How would you promote awareness on Forest fire issues
– What are true colors? Why they are called so?
-What GIS layers you would used for Forest coverage estimation


– Interesting combination of subjects , tell me what were your favourite subjects
– Bhubaneswar zoo was in news some time back ? Why?
– What are White tigers?
– What is plant succession?
– What are the challenges faced by zoos today?
– What is agroforestry ?
– current challenges in agroforestry? Area under agroforestry?
– what is IR… Some law of agriculture ..never heard

M3 (lady)

– What is Jhoom?
– how would you control it
– issues faced by Forest today
– which tree is called Flame of Forest

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