Interview transcript – Amit Punde

Board : Bassi Sir

Date of interview 27th February
Background: B-Tech Production
Hobbies: reading, trekking, travelling


– so u r a production engg. What is mechatronix?
– Applications?
– As a shopfloor manager, what are your priorities?
– Who will benefit with the increased efficiency?


– He talked some 2 points about efficiency and then questions abt trekking.
– Where do you trek recently?
– Some discussion on Youth Hostel trek at Manali.
– If anything happened where you could not complete the trek? I gave example of Alang fort.


– Iran president visit to India and the message India gave through this in the light of various sanctions imposed by US?
– Why farmers suicide in Maharashtra?
– Dose present budget provisions would impact positively?
– Maharashtra Karnataka boundary issue?
– What can be done?


– Role of Pune in 1857 war.?
– What about other maratha sardars?
– Rani of zansi and her relation to Pune.?
– Love hate relationship of Pune with Rajneesh (Osho) in 1970s?
– China’s policy in South Asia.?
– Is china aggressive towards India?
– Why China aggressive towards India.?
– What do you think whether China become superpower?
– Plus points of China and USA to become superpower?
– US relations with South America states?
– Impact of lower sex ratio?
– After Nirbhaya case, what change do u find in Indian Society?


– Indo Japan relations.? What are Japan’s interests in India?
– In the present scenario what is the probability that India will win a war against Pakistan ? (He wanted answer in a mathematical probability range from 0 to 1)
– Where is Tista river?
– What is the issue?
– What are the immediate benefits and to whom?

Thank you.

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