Interview Transcript – Anand

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam

Background – Vishakhapatnam, Telangana.
Profile – product design, customs


– Tell me about your educational background
– What after graduation
– Explain product design
– What parameters do you check while designing a product
– How do you explain the evolution of mobiles until Apple smartphone
– How do you incorporate the ease of use in mobiles
– How do you explain sustainable development
– Do we need polluting industries like a ship breaking in India
– How will balance environmental protection with employment generation in this regard


– What is environment performance index
– What parameters are included in it
– Why is Vishakapatnam projected as a future hub for investment
– Impact of 2004 tsunami on Vizag
– Forest types in eastern ghats
– Explain Biodiversity Act 2002


– Why is China blocking India’s entry into NSG
– States with the highest forest area
– Role of customs in wildlife and forest conservation
– Name an endangered species


– Name the national park adjacent to your campus (IIT Madras)
– What’s the area of the park
– What’s the smallest national park in India
– What are the environmental issues in your campus
– Fauna in the campus
– Type of vegetation in the campus

– Impact of MGNREGA in Telangana
– How MGNREGA is related to forestry
– What are SDGs
– SDGs associated with environment
– How success of achieving SDG 1 and 2 are related with SDGs related to an environment
– Forest cover in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
– Forest types in Telangana
– Red Sanders
– Green trading

– How do you promote environmental awareness in rural areas
– Is there anything you want to ask to the panel

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