Interview Transcript – Apan Agrawal

Chairman – P.K.joshi

Date – 17 feb , Afternoon Hrs – 4.05 – 4.35

Optional – Geography , BE mechanical

Hobbies – Football

Extra curricular – Event for Acid attack victims , drought relief work – Paani foundation


Chairman – Why did you choose mechanical engineering and then why the turn towards civil services ?


C –  Do you think technical domain will help you in generalistic civil services ?

C – As a geography student tell me the difference between geography and geology ?

C – tell me about the evolution of himalayas and shiwaliks ?



M1 – You are DM of the district. How will you address the case of mob lynching ?

M1- what are problems of vidarbha and marathwada ? Do you think separate vidarbha demad is the solution ?

M1- Swami vivekananda’s quote about football . Do you know it ?

M1- What is India’s rank currently in football ?



M2- What is the meaning of your name ?

M 2 – You are from the technical background.  What do you think are the necessary changes in make in India programe and skill development ?

M2 – As geography student tell me about the significance of Tibet and POK for India ?

M2 – Why Is India lacking in football and not cricket ?Can you name Some states known for football ?

M2 – chappak movie ? What message it gave and why did it did not became successful ?



M 3 – What are the reasons for economic slowdown in our country ?

M3 – how will you increase the investment in the economy ?

M3 – Do you think corporate tax cuts has really lead to infusion of money in the economy ?

M3- Why are foreign countries reluctant to invest in Manufacturing sector ?



M4 – You come from Karad. Tell me about karad in 3-4 lines.

M4 – How will you stop the sale of acids ?

M4 – Do you know Beed district ?  What is it known for ?

Hint – lowest sex ratio . What do you think are the reasons ? How can the female foeticide be addressed ?

M4 – Sugarcane is a water guzzling crop ? Why is it being promoted still ? Why is govt not moving away from sugarcane ?


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