Interview Program

Interview transcript – Harisha B C

Board: P K Joshi

Interview Date : 27/02/2017


– You studied in Bangalore, you are from Tumakuru. How many KMs is Tumkur from Bangalore?
– What is one nation one election? Do you support ?
– How the challenges can be addressed ?
– Why engineers are not getting jobs in India ?
– What can be done to address this ?
– What is skill India ?
– What is NAAC?


– what is communication?
– Give example for communication?
– Why did you choose Sanskrit as one of the languages ?
– What is the script of Sanskrit called? (Sanskrit is one of the languages in school)
– Can you tell me the varnamalas of Sanskrit?
– What is a to aha is called?
– What is ka to la is called?


– so how did you get this listening to songs as your Hobby?
– What is the league of kabaddi is called?
– Is kabaddi popular in your region?
– What are folk games played in Karnataka which is not popular in other parts of the country?


– Why Hyderabad has a better entrepreneurial culture than Bangalore? ( I took an opposite stand here )
– Why Bangalore has less engineering colleges than your neighbouring states, say TN. ( Indian Express ran a series of articles on this last month)
– Why did you leave Cognizant? It’s a good company.


– what is a dispute between your state and your neighbouring state Tamil Nadu?
– What is the recent verdict on the dispute?
– What are your priority areas as a DM?
– How natural resources like Land should be allocated?

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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Nirmalendu Bera
1 year ago

What is KMS? Please give me outline ideas

Krishna Kunal
1 year ago

Plural to kilometer

Nirmalendu Bera
1 year ago
Reply to  Krishna Kunal

Thank you