Interview Transcript – Kadam Niketan Bansilal

Board: PK Joshi sir

Hobbies: Voluntary work, playing and watching cricket


– There was one famous CM named Bansilal (my father’s name)..Do you know?
– You stayed in Mumbai as well as Delhi. Tell me cultural differences? (Some follow up question)
– You are residing in tell me distinct problems of ORN?..some light moments and
Some Supplementary…
– Relevance of annual cultural gatherings in educational institutions (daf related)?


-What is voluntary work(hobby)?
– Dont you think reading book is voluntary work?
– What do you do in voluntary work?- some supplementary questions..
– What are the zones for cricket at natinal level?
– Your hobby is to play and watch cricket?
– Playing is fine..don’t you think watching the game which is already fixed is waste of time?
– Name the Players involved in fixing scandal?
– He grilled me on this but CH intervened.


– Your optional is anthropology, which is your favourite part in it?
– I said socio-cultural anthropology.. So she asked..
– Explain the India from socio cultural perspective. Some supplementary questions..
Primitive tribes?


– You worked in TCS,what was your role?
– What is the revenue of Tata group?
– How many employees are there in TCS?
– Why the tata is so respected group?
– I said balance between social goals and profit so he asked about Tata controversy.


– Challenges of Indian agriculture?
– What is the solution for land fragmentation?
– I replied consolidation and cooperative farming..
– As a DM what can you do to consolidate fragmented land holdings?
– Is it easy?
– Have you ever seen any successful experiment of cooperative farming?
– What are the issues with it?
– Major crops of Nashik district?
– To whom we export onions?


Thank you, Niketan

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