Interview Program

Interview Transcript – Kasturi Sule

Board: Bassi sir.

Optional sociology

Hobby – watching movies on military adventure and social issues.

Civil Engg.

Watching football and cricket.


  1. So did you watch movie Tora Tora Tora , pearl hearbour.
  2. So tell me about Indo Pak and Indo china war.
  3. Subsequent questions.
  4. Perforated steel structures
  5. How will you tackle corruption in administration.



North East security issues .

Prominent civil structures in india.



Recently watched movie

Social movie

What is keto diet

Opinion on vocational education



1.Do you think cricket has overshadowed other sport ?

2.How do you promote other sport as secretary

3.Why right wing has rise in Europe.

4.Why people are backing trump American first policy.



1.Benefits of pre cast structures.

2.Disadvantages of pre cast structure.

3.What is pile foundation.


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Nrusingha Das
Nrusingha Das
2 years ago

Excellent. Thanks