Interview Transcript – Kasturi Sule

Interview date : 05/2/2018

Board – Nagrajan madam


– so kasturi seeing your daf its so varied…we saw you do so many things. So why DON’T u tell us about yourself in your own words.
– apart from your nature trekking and bird watching what interests you to join the ifos
– OK, so the people have attracted you to it. But DON’T you think the people itself are sometimes at conflict with forest dept. Where do you think can the people be at conflict ?
– what are the reasons of such conflicts( she sighted many like attitude , land etc and then came back to original question) ..what do u think is point of conflict ?
– so what steps do u think can be taken ?



M1- you said that colonial mentality is there, do you think it can be changed ?
M1- indigenous people only harm forest then how forest can be conserved
M1- u think u can change the mentality of people n forest dept? To get cordination
U will have to face lot of opposition and pressure from u have conviction?
M1- if you have to do urban forestry then what steps you will take ?
M1- so first thing you shud do is xompre with best practices world wide. OK?
One last question- why u did pub ad after engg
M1- ok have h qualified for civil mains.
M1- what new u learnt through pub ad?



M3- you did lot of trekking. What are eight thousanders?
M3- any peaks in India?
M3- which rare bird that you saw and you felt very great after seeing it?
M3 so do u Cary binocs?
M3- so you play keyboard n guitar. U sing n play or only play
M3- keyboard is easy or guitar
M3- what music you play lead or chord?
M3- in keyboard what music you play?


M4- what is in situ and ex situ conservation
M4- what is community reserve then
M4- wat is climax vegetation?

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