Interview Transcript – Koushik H R

Board: Air Marshal Ajit Bhonsle

Qualification: Telecommunication Engineer

Optional: PSIR

Work Experience: Software Engineer

Service:IRS(C&CE) presently under EOL

Profile: Trekking, Volunteering for an NGO towards ecological restoration



Chairman (CM): Asked to explain eco-feminism

CM: From the eco-feminism point of view how different would have been Industrial Revolution if it was led by women

CM: What is your understanding of patriarchy?

CM: Does patriarchy means women have to go for many sacrifices?

CM: In the budget the FM mentioned about Networked economy and global value chain explain about it.

CM: Difference between global supply chain and global value chain



M1: Asked about the gap in my profile after I quit the job before entering service

M1: More about my NGO activity



M2: Detailed discussion about Cultural Hegemony

M2: Discussion on Islamic Terrorism



M3: GST had promised to increase GDP and solve cascading has it achieved the purpose

M3: Reason for GST collection not reaching the target and reforms required

M3: My opinion on SC judgement about Internet as a Fundamental Right

M3: How to use technology in criminal cases



M4: Asked me to explain AGR issue

M4: What will be the future of telecom industry in the context of AGR issue

M4: Terror radicalization means and ways to solve it



CM: Unemployment is a bigger issue than terrorism. Asked about unemployment status in India. Reasons for unemployment.

CM: About the issue of RCEP

CM: If you are made the person in charge to convince the government to join RCEP what will be your arguments.

CM: President in his previous year Republic Day speech had mentioned about “sense, strategy and silence of the Constitution”. What is the meaning of these terms according to you.

CM: Fit the four basic words of the Constitution viz., Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity into the above mentioned model

CM: Constitution is fully silent about the term fraternity. What’s your opinion


I am not able to recollect few more questions

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