Interview Transcript – Mohammed Ishrath

Optional: PSIR

Graduation: Civil Engg.

Board: Smitha Nagaraj ( 30-35 min)


Ch : Tell me about your village

Ch : what agitates the people in your village?

(Spoke about water stress and shortage of electricity)


Ch: Do you think authorities neglect rural areas? On what basis they take decisions in this issue ?

Ch: why solar is less preferred? Role of gram panchayat in it?

Ch: as an administrator what steps will you take?



M1: How India can reach 5 trillion?

M1: From where money comes?

M1: How to improve tax collection?



M2: when vtu (my university) was formed?

M2: how many colleges affiliated to it?

M2: as a civil engineer, do you know any special initiative in IIT rorkee? ( i am not from IIT Rorkee)

M2: changes in mess department when you were president? (Daf related) how quality maintained?

M2: why you chose civil engg?

M2: why so much illegal buildings mushrooming? How to tackle it?

(He kept on asking more )



M3: why do u like thriller movies?

M3: how do you dilute an acid? Should acid be added to water or water to be added to acid?  ( random qs)

M3: difference between introduction of bill in loksabha and rajya sabha?

M3: if an architect comes with a plan for hospital in which operation theatre is in ground floor what will you do? Why?



M4: if an table tennis player comes for advice to improve his game, what will you tell him?

M4: how movies affect society? Why should be regulated? Why more use of vulgarity and abusive language in movies? How to regulate?

M4: tell me about neighbour hood relations? Growing Chinese presence? India s response to it?


Ch : you told about stable policy (when i explained about 5 trillion economy) and expect the unexpected (thriller movies ) do you think govt is doing right thing by bringing more schemes and more tax provision changes? Do you think it affect businessmen?

Ch : even after two years gst is still not completely properly implemented? Don’t you think govt should take necessary steps before bringing changes?( i spoke about gst while explaining previous question)


Thank you ishrath your interview is over.


Overall cordial board..

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