Interview Transcript – Nida Fatima

Afternoon; Bhosle sir

3rd to go,

Cm: b easy, bring your chair closer to the table so u can write if u need to.


Q1 Weightifting hobby(did u compete)

Q2 You read non fiction,why,what did u read,what was its central theme

Q3  Women are not treated equally, they are not understood..what is your view..

Q4 About greta thunberg…do u think if she was boy, she would have got equal attention.



  1. U like travelling do u know any travelogue writer
  2. How can we improve  Indo pakistan relationship
  3. One 2 more ques cant remember


M2. (Lady)

  1. What is swatch bharat abhiyan
  2. You are from aligarh how will u rate it out of 10
  3. (I said 4), so she said even after sbm?
  4. U become administrator of aligarh what will u do



  1. About indo srilanka:some say it is a conspiracy by sri Lankan govt to do what they are doing.
  2. What is ailing the criminal system in India
  3. How to reduce judicial pendency



  1. Rule of law,example of it
  2. Why should any organization chose you
  3. Safe guards for administrative officer under indian constitution


CM: Why have you left law and chosen this field

A quote of Hellen Keller, “to not have a vision is worst than not having sight”  what do u think?

Another quote”you seek what you not know, but you don’t think about what you know”

How technology can reduce corruption?

Also, history is a narration of story so it is fiction or non-fiction?

Thank you.



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