Interview Program

Interview transcript – Omendra Chauhan

Board : Dr. P K Joshi

Background: B.E. Mechanical Engg, BIT Mesra Ranchi
5 years in Automobile MNCs.


– So Omendra…you did schooling from… worked in automobile sector….(long initiation) tell me what did you do in Hyundai?
– (contd) work profile in Toyota?
– in Maruti?
– How is Maruti different from Hyundai? (work culture and all)
– What was your roles and responsibilities in these companies… (Long discussion)
– Kanpur was known as Manchester of East…what happened to it? tell me what are the industries in Kanpur and why they are facing issues..and what kind of issues?
– What can be done to help them?
– What are the differences between Ranchi and Kanpur?


– (something continued from CH related to Ranchi and Kanpur…industrial and economic growth..)
– What is demonetisation and what happened? Positives and negatives of it?
– What was income disclosure scheme (somewhat on the topic)..when did it happen? what happened?
– Did demonetisation work? failures? success?….(some counter questions…)
– Defense related industries in Kanpur? in UP? in India? (some counterqns on defense industry..)
– long intro to question related to water deficiency situation in India….why so? what geographic climatic factors responsible for same? wht can be done?
– (counter qn) What is river interlinking? any project? what would be its positives and negatives?

M2 (Member who always looked dissatisfied)

– (contd discussion on Ranchi) Why is Ranchi not developed, if it is not? What can be done? (counterqns on same)
– Do you know about Shobhan Sarkar? What did he dream…( some news in 2013!) What did govt do? What happened there?
– Mejakhas (in DAF)..where is it? why did you go there for schooling? What is its topography? what industries there? any new project coming there? (bad experience on this discussion…in between his reaction was you don’t know about your surroundings)


– So you play table tennis…( I told frankly I played in school, not been playing since sometime…she smiled and said its ok) So how do you keep yourself fit? what do you play now?
– Who are famous TT players in India?
– What do you think is the future of Electric vehicles in India? ( Many counter qns on problems of charging, infra, industry in detail..handled pretty well)
– Which countries currently have EV market growing? anyone in our neighbourhood?


– (contd discussion in the EV market, future of the Automobile industry and India’s position and efforts?)
– What kind of batteries are used in EV? Why India doesn’t have them? What issues involved in charging infra related?
– What kind of energy requirement we will have to meet such demands in EV market? and some counter qns…
– What kind of reforms do you suggest in industrial development? (Long discussion…about labour reforms, infra… handled this part satisfactorily I guess)


OK, your interview is over.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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