Interview Transcript – Perumal Raja

Board: Manoj Soni sir


– What does the word Perumal refers to? Is it a place’s name or your second name?
– When did you receive the intimation about the interview?
– What are all the preparations you made for the interview after receiving the call letter?
– Tell me about the topography of Cuddalore?
– Do you know about Arab Spring? What is it all about?
– What is ISIS? What are they trying to achieve?


– Do you think himalayas is affected by climate change?
– What are the effects of glacial retreat? How much glacial retreat has happened?
– Reasons for glacial melt in ladakh? What local measures would you take to reduce it if appointed as DM?
– Do you think historical fiction novels are right? Won’t it reduce the genuineness of history? ( One of my hobby is Reading Books- fiction)


– Tell about your final year project?
– Is there only one Anna University or many others?
– In the construction of flyovers and bridges, is civil Engineers are only involved or mechanical engineers are also involved?
– What do mech engineers do here?
– Role of mechanical engineers in robotics.


– Rohingya issue- what’s it all about? And India’s role?
– Ram Setu- what is it? Is it a real bridge? What’s the issue involving Ram Setu?
– Tamil Nadu fisherman issue- what measures could be taken?


– What is the government agency involved in disaster relief operations? ( I’ve organised disaster relief operations during Cuddalore floods)
– As a DM what measures will you take to address a disaster?
– What inspired to undertake disater relief operations?
– Reasons for Chennai floods? Where the fault lies?
– What are the areas in Kerala where LWE is making inroads? Do you think they will be successful? – — Have they tried to make inroads into TN?
– Idealogies of LWE?
– What is type of mountain ranges in TN? How is it different from himalayas?
– Difference between block mountain and fold mountain?
– Where the river Brahmaputra originates?
– What’s the issue regarding Brahmaputra between india and china? Does India have any treaty withchina regarding Brahmaputra?
– What is the other nation with which India has a treaty for water sharing? Can India stop giving water to Pakistan? Is india legally bound to give water to Pakistan?


Thank you.

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