Interview transcript – Vijayendra R

Board: Ms Smita Nagaraj


– It’s already two years in Service don’t you think going to IAS you will have career disadvantage ?
– Where you posted currently ? Don’t you think compared to department , private people have better competence in AAR ? (job related )
– What did you do in social welfare activities ?


– How many genes avg human have ?
– Which is smallest and largest gene ?
– How do genes vary ? ( he was particular about SLP ) I knew a bit , it was more technical so did not venture into it .
– Who is No 1 tennis player now ? What’s so great about federer even now ? Why is tennis not that popular in India ? What challenges it face ? Do you think politics in apex tennis association is affecting its development ?


– What is AFSPA? Do you thing it’s violation of human rights? Do you think it’s needed in j&k ?
– Police reforms? Do you think police has colonial mindset ? Why no reform taken?

– police reforms ? Do you think police is more of political service than public service ?


– Why is today special ? ( It was national science day )
– What is your view on Karnataka flag issue ?


– What is APA ? ( job related )
– Why do we have APA n AAR is it not overlapping ?
– What is your view on women’s cricket ? Who is the women cricketer who made a difference in semifinal in women’s world cricket ?


– In Bangalore so many issues Gauri lankesh , Tipu sultan , and so on ? Why is it ,what is your view ? Then tipu sultan ? What you view ? Do we need to have critical thinking in school two to three views ? We just follow what is taught ?
– Do you think we need critical thinking in department as well ?

You interview is over.

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