[Interview Transcripts 2018] Dinakar PK

Smitha Nagaraj Board

Session: Forenoon session

Optional: Sociology

Hometown: Bangalore

1st preference IPS!

Interview Transcript

Chairman: so you’re from Bangalore?
C: see Rajnikanth is entering politics. Some people claim he belongs to Karnataka, TN, and Maharashtra how do you see this ?!
C: people associating him with Tamil pride. How do you see this?
C: can a Bihari become chief minister of Karnataka?
C : Asked about Jallikattu!
C: So violent protests happen. You’re aspiring to be an officer how do you see the ingredients of the movements? (I told )
Madam pointed about funds! I said yes and agreed.
C : can you analyse any movement in the last two decades ?( I used pen and paper )
Lady Member 1: what’s the term associated with Rajnikanth?
M1: he doesn’t hold authority? Is ethnicity not the term ?!
M1: difference between family and household?
M1: Belgium issue
M1: so what’s the step by Karnataka govt ?!
M1: just by creating 2nd assembly problem is solved ?!
Member 2: recollect any two terrorist attacks in India ?!
M2: who are behind these terrorist attacks !?
M2: name those terrorist organization ?!
M2: do you know their leaders(their leadership keeps changing so I haven’t followed it sir )
M2: steps taken after 26/11 ?!
M2: other steps ?!
M2: source of terror funding?
M2: how to prevent terror funding?
M2: how far demonetization successful in culling terror funding?
M2: have you heard of Right to private defence ? ( I explained it completely )
M2: so if an innocent is killed isn’t it wrong ?! (Told about test of mens Rea)
Member 3: newspaper of today you read ?!
M3: university rankings of today. On what parameters ( I used paper again )
M3: Maldives issue. Suddenly he went back to Cuban missile crisis .( I explained )
M3: what was done in Cuban missile crisis can it be replicated here ?!
Member 4: fake news ?! Why it spreads ?! ( arey take a guess dear )
M4: way forward ?!
M4 : why should we give so much of freedom to media ?!
M4: spying how are they dealt with ?!
M4: what are the legal provisions wrt old age people ?!
M4: Earlier were there any provisions existing ?!
Back to chairman
C : you seem to be aware of IPC AND other provisions how come ?!
C: why IPS as the first choice ?!
C: what you dreamt as an IPS officer ?!
C: today the complexity of policing has increased apart from normal functions what are the other functions  Associated with ?!
Thank you!

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily