[Interview Transcripts 2018] Mithun H N

Board: BS Bassi sir

Date: 16/03/18

Session: Forenoon session

Education: Electronics and Communications Engg.
Optional: Sociology

Interview Transcript


  1. so you worked as an instructor in an education center now if you are asked to design a curriculum from 1st to 8th standard how would it be?
    (Some related questions)

Member 1

  1. Have you read the book by Stephen Hawkings called “A Brief History of Time”?
  2. What do you mean by hacking?
  3. What is ethical hacking?
  4. What are Cybercrimes and what are its types?
  5. Which act deals with such crimes?
  6. Is IT Act sufficient to deal with these? What are the shortcomings of IT Act? (Chairman asked about phishing and spamming)
  7. There is an ongoing cultural and societal interaction between the east and the west, explain.

Member 2

  1. What is a UMPP?
  2. Do you know about PTC(Power Trading corporation)?
  3. What are power grids?
  4. You must have heard about MoEFCC (some related questions)
  5. Which deal did the world negotiate to combat climate change? What is India’s share in total GHG emissions?
  6. Who are the major emitters in the world?
  7. What are ESZs?
  8. Are you aware of the latest National Forest Policy?

Member 3

  1. What is the better method to ensure that farmers get remunerative price for their produce?
  2. What exactly is price deficiency payment mechanism? Which state introduced it first? Are you aware of Telangana model?
  3. What is the ongoing issue between UK and Russia? (Some related questions)

Member 4

  1. So you have directed 2 dramas… So tell me who said, ” All the World’s a stage…”?
  2. Rooftop gardening is one of your hobbies, tell me what are the differences between normal gardening and the rooftop gardening?
  3. You must have heard about Lord Macaulay, what are his contributions?
  4. Do you think Macaulay is one of the most misrepresented figures in the modern Indian history? Why do you think so?
  5. Let’s talk about Indian Civil service, who was the first Indian Civil Servant? Which Governor general introduced Indian Civil Services?
  6. What is EIA? What is its significance?


  1. Now let us go to Pakistan. Tell me something about Pakistani elections.
  2. How does peaceful and stable Afghanistan help serve Indian interests? What are the sectors in which we have greater scope for investment?

Your interview is over. Thank you

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily