[Interview Transcripts 2018] Basist Nandan

Sujatha Mehta Board

Date: 13.03.2018

Session: Afternoon

Interview Transcript

1. Tell me where you did ur graduation. What you do now.
2. You are in pipelines of IOCL. How do you secure pipelines?
3 What is your role in securing pipelines?
4. Which pipelines in eastern coast you are in.
5. You seem to be interested in sports. Do u think a large event like Olympics be held where there is no income just expenditure?
6. Will it be good for India to host Olympics?
7. India didn’t win any gold in Olympics and also we had a bad experience of holding commonwealth games. So why should India host such events when there is poverty and all.

Member 1
1. You are in iocl. Why should one invest in a refinery when we are moving towards the renewable source and electric vehicle?
2. You are a mechanical engineer. Tell me which law of physics applies when a thermal energy is converted to mechanical energy.
3. What is critical supercritical in a power plant?

Member 2
1. Tell me has 73rd and 74th amendment been good.
2. What are problems?
3. Women representation is just for name sake in PRI. What do you say?
4. There is a program called employment guarantee program. Should fund from that be used in empowering grass root.
5. Other discussions mainly on PRI.

Member 3
1. You are from Bhagalpur. Tell about the violence of the 1980s.
2. What is the regulatory mechanism of oil and gas sector?
3. In spite of so many regulations, why do fires and other hazards occur?
4. How would you inculcate safety culture?
5. What is energy audit? How it is done ( I said something and he said it’s not correct)

Member 4
1. Tell me something about the green revolution.
2. How to have a balance between population rise and food crisis.
3. Can GM crop be helpful in solving the food crisis?
4. What are problems of GM Crops and solutions?

Again Chairman
Do you want us to ask something?
I took a pause and said, mam, if you would like to ask something from hobby.
She said what’s your hobby.
Then she asked about it.
How much time you spend on the internet.
Your view on social media. Is it helpful?

Ok. Thank you.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily