[Interview Transcripts 2018] Shashank Goyal

Ms. Smita Nagaraj Board

Date: 21 March 2018


1. NIT-IIM and now civil services. Is it now the new career norm?
2. There is extensive marketing being adopted in govt schemes. Is it necessary?
3. Do we focus more on objectives or outcomes while designing marketing strategies?
4. Questions on positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.

Member 1

1. 2 questions on Delhi pollution-causes, steps taken by the govt, causes of stubble burning
2. How would you environmental awareness in society?
3. How do we counter China?
4. Why aren’t we raising CPEC on international forums?
5. What are wearables?

Member 2

1. On hobbies:
1. Which recent books have you read?
2. On Anne Frank- what inspires you?
3. Does glass ceiling exist? Does in exist more in India or in the West?
4. Your motivating personality (whom we are aware of)…name two more?
5. NAM has been integral to our FP. We are digressing from it? What are your views on this?

Member 3

1. The purpose of Government is not to do business. What do you think?
2. What is ‘fire in the belly’?
3. Which is your favorite business case study of MBA curriculum? Followup qn- what motivates
such people?
4. Solar projects need too much land? Is it a hindrance? Followup- what are your views on rooftop
solar projects?
5. Situational: You are a DC in a district with a very reputed govt engg college. Students are
demanding for postponement of exams. Having postponed once, they are demanding
postponement again. What will be your role?

Member 4

1. Job profile: What kind of sales you are in? Why change in job?
2. What is social marketing?

3. Need for regulations in marketing? Followup- is there any regulatory framework for marketing
in govt schemes and programmes?
4. A very important personality was born in your birthplace (Mhow)? Who was he?
5. There are so many schemes in his name. How do we improve implementation? Followup- How
do we improve scheme monitoring ?
6. Situational: You are an IFS officer. You are asked to organize celebration of Nelson Mandela’s
100th birth anniversary. How will you go about it?


1. Government is increasing the number of IIT/NIT/IIMs. Don’t you think it dilutes the brand?
(involved a discussion of 2 3 questions about the evolution of college that I graduated from and
need and role of such institutions of eminence)

Member 3 requested the Chairperson for one more question

1. Are you a PGDM or an MBA?
2. What is Alzheimer’s disease?

End of the personality test

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily