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IPS salary

The salary of an IPS/IAS officer is calculated by using the formula:

Total salary of IPS officer = Basic Pay + DA + TA + HRA + Other Allowances.

  • DA – Dearness Allowance
  • TA – Travel Allowances
  • HRA – House Rent Allowances

Salary of IPS officer per month in India

IPS Officers RanksBasic Salary
Deputy Superintendent of PoliceRs. 56,100
Additional Superintendent of PoliceRs. 67,700
Senior Superintendent of PoliceRs. 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of PoliceRs. 1,31,100
Inspector-General of PoliceRs. 1,44,200
Director-General of PoliceRs. 2,05,400
Director of CBI or IB/ DG of PoliceRs. 2,25,000

IPS salary in India per month (Maximum)

The salary and allowances of a civil servant (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, Etc.) are decided by the Government of India. But they are paid by the respective State Government IPS officers salary, like IAS officers, starts under the pay level 10 of the 7th pay commission and can move up to pay level 18.

The maximum salary level is the Director General of police of India with a pay scale of 2,50,000 (fixed) and years of service vary.

IPS salary in India

As per the latest 7th Pay Commission, the starting and entry-level salary of an IPS officer is ₹56100 which leads to ₹56100 – 132000 per month. 

After years of service and with each promotion, IPS salary increases every month in India. 

The highest post of DGP in India translates to around ₹2,50,000 per month. This is after 37+ years of service as an IPS officer. 

IPS salary per month also includes DA which is 9% which is Rs 2.5 lakh per month + 9% or about Rs 32.7 lakh per annum

IAS vs IPS Salary

The amount salary of an IAS or an IPS is mostly the same. 

Salary for both IAS and IPS officers starts from INR 56,100 excluding TA, DA, and HRA The maximum monthly salary of an IAS officer can reach INR 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary. 

Similarly, the maximum salary of an IPS salary can reach INR 2,50,00 for a DGP.

 As you can see the salary is the same, but the salaries depend on seniority and position.

IPS salary, promotion, online workshop on IAS/IPS Prep

During trainingApprox: 33, 000 – 36, 000. Deduction applicable
IPS SalaryRs. 56,100 to 2.5 Lakh
IPS salary pay commission7th Pay commission
IPS Salary + AllowancesDA, TA, HRA, Medical, Etc.
IAS vs IPS SalaryIPS (56, 100-2.5 Lakh), IAS (Same as IPS)
IPS vs IFA SalaryIPS (56, 100-2.5 Lakh), IFS (90, 000+)
Highest PromotionDirector General of Police (CBI, IB, Etc.)

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