Last day to Join Economic Survey and Budget 2019 | Advanced Program: First Lecture on 15th July

Course Starts on 15th July

Economic Survey and Budget 2019 | Advanced Program- Rs. 2000 + taxes Click2Join

This course is designed to go beyond the text and take you through the nuances of the Economic Survey and Budget.

Importance of Economic Survey and Budget

Economic Survey and Budget are the 2 most important documents that you will go through in your exam preparation.

  • Economic Survey discusses all the major government initiatives with the explanation.
  • If we go by the trend, every year around 20 questions in prelims and 7-8 questions in mains are directly related to the Economic Survey and Budget.
  • Questions in prelims paper stress on important phrases, key analysis, technical terms, and data. Hence they have to be thoroughly studied.
  • Almost mandatory to imbibe actual phrases used in Economic Survey to frame answers for Main Examination. for example, if a Question is asked on Banking sector problems in the mains exam, you can always quote the 4R recommendations of the 2016th economic survey.
  • Adding the important and relevant facts and figures significantly enhance your marks in General Studies Paper-III.
  • Deep knowledge of the current policies and programs of the government also help an aspirant to write meaningful Essays in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. For example, Wiping every tear from every eye “Twin balance sheet problem”, “translating potential into actuality” “ Chakravuyh challenge”, Middle-income trap, etc.
  • According to the new trend economy and the environment is going hand in hand. So questions can come from that perspective also.
  • Many statistics and schemes are asked in CAPF, State psc, bank and SSC exams.

What we are offering 

  1. 20 hours of Video Lectures Explaining the crux of each chapter in simple and layman language appropriate from an exam point of view. Highlighting the importance of each chapter wrt to prelims examination, mains examination, and interview exam.
  2. Correlate economic survey and budget observations and recommendations with static mains syllabus, for example, last year Economic survey has observed that still Indian families have a preference for Male children, now this chapter could be important for three topics of GS paper 1 which are society of India, Population and related studies and Women and women Organization. This year survey has discussed Nudge theory of behaviour economics to change the mindset of people to spur economic development. The theory is linked to various government initiatives like Swatch Bharat, DBT, Give it up scheme etc.
  3. Special focus on important terms used in the survey like PARA, Chakruvyuh challenge, reverse helicopter, etc. Last year the economic survey has used a term called stigmatized capitalism. Idea is to explain the complex terms with the help of more relatable real-life examples.
  4. Would cover important topics from last 2-3 years economic survey for a precise understanding of this year’s survey
  5. Telegram group for students joining the program where they can discuss any doubts with the respective faculty.
  6. Short and crisp Summary of Economic Survey booklet and
  7. 1 full-length prelims test on economic survey and budget
  8. Handout of 20 probable mains questions with model answers

What will students gain

  • De-jargonize the documents. Making it easy for students to read the bulky document and precisely point out the important points.
  • Not miss anything important. Specially non-economics students risk
  • Ensure all conceptual details are covered.

Core faculty

The session is being conducted by our stellar faculty – Himanshu Arora Sir

About Himanshu Arora Sir

Himanshu sir has a wide experience in the field of both academics and policy-making. He has earlier taught Economics at both under-graduate and Postgraduate level in Delhi University. Currently, he is working at the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. He also writes columns regularly in prestigious newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express and Millennium post.

Here are some of his published articles 

Sample lectures:

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Economic Survey and Budget 2019 | Advanced Program- Rs. 2000 + taxes Click2Join


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