Mains Essential Program – Answer Booklet Cover Page Updated

Dear Students,

UPSC happens to be very dynamic and immensely competitive. There was a time when simply completing the paper would guarantee you a rank. Today, the case is very different.

If your answers are not innovative and are not standing out, then your chances decrease drastically. This change has inspired a change in the methodology of grading.

Our Mains Test series will now be grading you on the following  –

1. Question Comprehension

You should be spending more time trying to address the demand of the question. Not beating around the bush, talking generically and on the theme. Addressing question directives like discuss, comment, critically analyze, etc.

2. Structure

Introduction, conclusion competencies.

Most important – Sub-heading! How you define the sub-headings determines the organization of your thought.

Ensure points for different sections are not intermingled, the flow of answer is maintained.

3. Content

Source Matter, Knowledge, Innovation

Did you quote reports, numbers, important personalities?

Did you present a comparative analysis?

Did you demonstrate an ability to forge links in an interdisciplinary manner?

Observational Skills? Some hard-hitting examples?

All this will help your answer stand out.

4. Presentation

Figures, diagrams, flow charts.

Handwriting – We are placing a low priority on this. But students with a good one definitely have an edge.

5. Language and Expression

How precise are you in your expressions? Can you simplify things and present them? Can you use technical terms relevant to the subject? Do you sound judgemental, biased? Do you have a balanced view?

The cover page can be found here – MEP


How are we able to do this ?

Our Team ! our awesome Team ! Team members have to provide exceptional feedback, need to push their own boundaries to think our a certain answer can be made better. Hence we only hire the best, most experienced of the lot.


More details about our Mains Program Here –

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