After 1757 there grew up a State of Bengal which was a “sponsored state” as well as a “plundered state”. Comment. (250 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

The battle of plassey led to the consolidation of British in Bengal and later expanding to other territories on India. Introduction should explain in short about the British’s agenda of slowly becoming servant and later master with special focus to Bengal province.

Further, mention how Bengal became a plundered state after the Battle of Plassey. This win is followed by plundering of Bengal’s vast resources, capture on its treasury, huge money was plundered in the name of security by the british army.

However, the state also sponsored the British stay by granting the company the Zamindari of the districts of Burdwan, Midnapore, and Chittagong, and giving handsome presents totaling 29 lakhs of rupees to the high English officials etc. Apart from this king had to praise the officials of EIC by providing gifts and bribes. The situation of plundering has been further added by a massive famine in 1770s.

With all these exploitative policies of British, Bengal soon became a plundered state.

Bring Conclusion.