Why ‘integrity’ in civil services is essential? How a team is benefitted when leader is of unimpeachable integrity? Justify your argument with example. (150 W)

Model Answer:

  • Public services are backbone of government. It is necessary for civil servants to be honest as well as efficient. For an administrative leadership, unimpeachable integrity is an essential qualification.
  • In its wider connotation, integrity would include intellectual honesty, a free and frank expression of one’s view, a scientific attitude of mind, a high degree of objectivity and a high sense of justice. All such things are necessary in an administrator.
  • Civil servants are expected to evolve measures to make their subordinate honest and efficient. Honesty, integrity commitment etc also follow the law of gravitation i.e. if the team leader is honest, then honesty percolates downwards among the team members.
  • If the team leader is a person of integrity, then he can better guide his team mates and his command will not only be followed but also respected. Leader will be courageous and will not be influenced by external pressures, and will be protecting the entire team.