Assess the role of Indian Civil Services in facilitating and furthering the British Rule in India. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly narrate the background of Indian civil services and its coming in the Indian history.
  • In the body explain that civilian administration had always remained in Indian hands, even under the Mughals, as part of a
    deliberate policy of assimilation. But the British saw themselves as a superior race and, seeking to impose colonial rule for commercial gain, considered it necessary to man their administration at all
    senior and strategic levels with their own personnel. The question of the “Indianisation” of the civil service in India thus directly arose for the first time after the assumption and gradual consolidation of administrative power by the East India Company,
    and subsequently by the British government. Explain such above factors and explain how it furthered British rule in India.
  • Conclude with its effect which hold true even today.
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