Despite the fact that partition of India was a political act the real tragedy of it was faced by the lower classes. Discuss. (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

The question is straight forward and need some analytical approach to generate relevant points.

Introduction should mention how the worst sufferers of partition were Lower Class. The policy of divide and rule itself was desired towards elite Muslims to capture political power, the representatives who were talking about the partition whether Hindus of Muslims were all belonged to elite classes and hence the lower class suffered more.

Further, mention the impact of partition on people especially lower classes. Greatest migration in history took place, those migrated were lower class (economically deprived persons), loss of homes, properties, livelihood and security risk as lower class people took to the streets and widespread bloodshed escalated along communal lines.

Refugees across border, unspeakable atrocities were perpetrated on minorities and lower class people, massive violence against lower class people etc.

Bring conclusion based on your points of main part.