Despite the SC condemning mob lynching, the incident is on the rise across the country. Does India need an anti-lynching law? Critically comment. (200 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

The reports of lynching have become more common in recent times for which SC court has to step in and suggest few recommendations to end mob lynching.

The introduction should mention about the lynching and why it is in increasing pace.

Further, mention why India need an anti-lynching law. Like incidence of cow linked violence, 97% of these attacks are made since 2014 and rose sharply in 2017, it is the grave problem of law and order violence, failure of government machinery, and violation of individual’s liberty, integrity and attack on dignity. Since the question is asking to critically comment, hence we also need to mention why anti-lynching law is not required. Counter with the points like already there are enough provisions, failure in implementation, success of any law depends on its implementation and overall the will of executive is most important.

Next, mention way forward. Mention about campaign ‘FAKEMAT’, efforts of Telangana police officers etc as example.

Bring conclusion based on the points of main body.