Despite their critical role in biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation, grasslands are amongst the most neglected ecosystems in India. Comment. (250 W)

Mentors Comment:

This is quite straightforward question and you should not have much trouble with it. Start with discussion on grasslands and their spread in India.

Next discussion will focus on their importance in ecology of our nation. How they support our ever growing cattle stocks, how they are home of some of our most exotic and endangered species, their role in water conservation and supporting large amount of biomass.

Then jump to the situation of neglect of grasslands ecosystem in India. Major point will be that there is no single agency to look after them and how increased pressure on land have degraded the grasslands; lack of EIA in the usage and transfer of grasslands for other purposes etc.

Major portion of the answer should deal in the steps needed to conserve the grassland ecosystem in India.

The one stop shop for this question and for all the grassland related topics is the planning commission’s task force on preservation of grassland and desert. It has all the Link is here:


You can also rely on the TERI’s article regarding grassland ecosystem in India.