Not all have the courage to speak at injustice and this is what transforms the honest people into soldier without guns. Explain the essence of this statement in the context of recent trends in the government organizations? (150 W)

Model Answer:

Courage is the quality of an individual which permits him to face extreme dangers and difficulties without fear. Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences.

One witnesses various types of injustice across himself in the society in which he lives. It may vary from simple forms to big scams. It is said that the world suffers more due to the silence of good people than due to bad deeds of the wrong people.

The courage to speak for rights and justice is a thing which is expected of honest people. However, not all people dare to take efforts to speak of injustice and correct the wrongdoings and this is what transforms them into soldiers who lack guns.

In the recent trends developing in the government organizations, this lack of courage can be seen. The civil servants tend to keep quiet and do not speak in open. Some of the recent cases where we have seen this lack of courage are 2G scam and coal scam and the very recent one the issues with CBI Chief. The civil servants have knowledge about all facts but due to pressure from politicians they don’t courage to speak in open.

This should not be done. The civil servants are expected to show courage against injustice and wrongdoings and speak in order to bring truth in front of people for whom service they have been appointed. This will bring standard in service delivery as well as transparency in work.