Discuss the contribution of Vijayanagar Empire to Indian art and architecture. (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Vijayanagar Empire has been the favourite for UPSC, and UPSC has been asking questions in one or other format in its various exams.  

Here the introduction should talk in brief about the time period and the rule of Vijayanagar Empire. Also it has patronaged the types of art and culture which has achieved its new heights during the period.

In the main body, one can divide the question in two parts and then give separate accounts of the contribution to Indian Art (i.e. paintings and sculpture) and Architecture (buildings, pillars, temples etc.) respectively.

Vijayanagar Empire was also renowned for its frescoes of Hindu mythological themes on temple walls and ceilings. And hence, the conclusion should mention about the features of its paintings like Mysore paintings which are known for its elegance, muted colors and attention etc., also the wall paintings of the Dashavatara and Girijakalyana at the Virepaksha Temple at Hampi.

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