In the era of E-Governance, specialists have a greater role to play, but our entire administrative structure is designed around “Generalists”. Elaborate. (200 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Generalist and specialists are two broad functional categories in the Government and play a very important role in rendering advice to the political executives, policy making and in implementation. Hence, the introduction should talk about this briefing about their functions.

Next, the main body should be divided in two different parts, mentioning about specialists and generalists separately.

The points under Specialists would be like, scientific management of administrative outlook which generalists lack. The modern administration require specialists to deal with the new emerging problems efficiently.

The points under Generalists should cover the Indian setup where the natures of work are more like general. Mention example like an IAS has to work in different department and hence has to cop up with dynamic nature of work.

We can also suggest to adapt French Model where bureaucrats are selected on the basis of their specialised knowledge of the subjects they would be called upon to handle and hence are posted in departments as per their specialization.

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