“Governments should provide the kind of education and skills that the job market demands rather than impose quotas on the private sector.” Do you agree? Give arguments of both sides. (200 Words)

Mentors Comments:

  • Rajasthan has become the latest state to join the bandwagon of states proposing to provide job reservations in the private sector. It plans to reserve 75% of jobs for the local residents in the private sector, much as Andhra Pradesh did earlier this year through a law.
  • The main demand of the question is to discuss that though there is no doubt that there is a huge need for job creation across states, forcing the private sector’s hand is not the way to go about it.
  • In the intro, discuss the context of the question.
  • In the main body, first, explain whether reservations should be envisaged in the private sector or not. Then explain the recent steps taken by various state governments and their implications on the employment factor and quality.
  • Discuss the associated concerns in detail and give your opinion.
  • Conclude with a fair and balanced opinion with suitable justifications and way forward.


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4 years ago

Seeking guidance regarding the structure and content. Concerned about crossing the word limit and using less diagrams that enhance clarity. Kindly review. Thanks.

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4 years ago

Pls review
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