In India, debate on secularism often degenerates into a polarising polemic from both the sides- its defenders and opponents. In the light of the statement above, discuss the arguments made by the supporters of secularism and problems associated with it. (15 Marks)

Mentor’s comment:

  • The article elaborates on the quality of ongoing political and social discourse on the issue of secularism in India and focuses mainly on the problems associated with the shortcomings in the argument of the supporters of secularism.
  • In the intro, briefly explain secularism in India and why its significance is debated in those days.
  • In the main body explain what are the issues with the argument put forward by the supporters of secularism- like taking for granted that secularism is good for the country and citing constitution in their support without elaborating on its principled and practical importance.
  • Conclude by stressing the need for a change in the debate in support of secularism based on principles (equality and freedom) and practical (no country can flourish by degrading its minority) utility.
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