Indian National Congress was running a parallel foreign policy with the colonial government, especially in the post-World War-I era. Critically analyze the statement with the role of Mahatma Gandhi in formulating it. (250 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

It is the foreign policy of the INC which paved the way of Independent India. The introduction should explain about the foreign policy of INC and its principles such as: Opposition to imperialism and colonial rule, Active sympathy and support to the people fighting for independence, Opposition to militarism war and devotion to peace and Avoiding foreign entanglements for India. These four principles are recognized as integral part of Foreign Policy of Congress.

Further in the main body talk about the renewed effort of FP after the WW-I when Indians started taking more active and articulated interest. Sympathy message sent to Irish people for their independence, passing of resolution in congress session of 1927 against the use of Indian troops in China, Mesopotamia and Persia, condemnation of the aggressive acts of Nazis and Fascists and refused to take part in this war etc. to talk a few.

Next talk about the role of Mahatma Gandhi in FP like application of non-violance, philosophy of peaceful co-existance with other nations of the world and mutual settlements of various disputes amongst the countries, acted as the guiding spirit for the formulation of various resolutions keeping in mind the aspirations of the Indian people.

Next bring conclusion showing the importance of INC’s Foreign Policy.