Aparna recently landed a well-paying software job in a reputed company in Bangalore. She has an ambition to become a civil servant. She is working hard towards it. Recently she wrote the entrance for Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship (PMRDF) and got selected as its Fellow. Though she received better salary in the present job, she wanted to accept the PMRD Fellowship and work for it. She will be posted in a faraway state from her present location. The district where she will be posted is a sensitive region severely affected by Naxal problem. Few days ago, few civil servants and policemen were killed by Naxals in an ambush. Aparna’s parents do not want her to leave the present job. She thinks that this fellowship would equip her with skills needed to work as an IAS officer in case she gets selected in future. If you are in Aparna’s place, what decision will you take? Give reasons. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain the situation in the question.
  • In the body, bring out the ethical dilemmas involved in the present case. Discuss the aspects of personal ambition, family needs and wishes; in what way they may not all is in alignment with each
    other. Explain the need to balance such a situation. Suggest how escaping from the situation may not be apt and that there needs to be a concrete decision with respect to the situation.
  • In the conclusion suggest a fair and balanced opinion.
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