Multiculturalism is before anything else a theory about culture and its value. Suggest approaches to further reinforce India’s multiculturalism? (150W/10M)

Mentor’s comment:

This question technically has two parts. One it is asking how multiculturalism is a theory in itself for preserving its culture and values. Second it wants steps to further reinforce multiculturalism so the first part will be crucial in building second part and conclusion as well.

Define Multiculturalism and explain how it preserves different cultural values. Mention the broadening concept of multiculturalism which is now at trend like it not only used to define disadvantaged and maginalised groups like tribals, linguistic-cultural-religious minorities, LGBT, disabled, etc., but also immigrants who may come under ethnic, religious minorities as well as minority nations and indigenous peoples.

Bring Examples of Multiculturalism in India and its effects.

Suggest steps to preserve India’s multiculturalism citing some good examples.

A holistic conclusion based on the content in balanced way should be presented.

Model answer:


  • Multiculturalism is defined as the state of co-existence of diverse cultures. Culture includes, racial, religious, linguistic, etc. which may have differences and distinctions in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking and communicative styles. It also aims at the preservation of different cultures and their identities within a unified society as a state or nation.
  • ‘Multiculturalism’ is now used not only to define disadvantaged and maginalised groups like tribals, linguistic-cultural-religious minorities, LGBT, disabled, etc., but also immigrants who may come under ethnic, religious minorities as well as minority nations and indigenous peoples.
  • India is home to policies of legal pluralism in religious family law (Hindu, Muslim,Christian, Parsi), territorial autonomy for several linguistic and tribal groups, as well as quotas in legislatures, government jobs and educational institutions for caste and tribal minorities and hence a good example of multicultural society.

Multiculturalism: A theory of culture and its values

  • Multicultural claims include a wide range of claims involving religion, language, ethnicity, nationality, and race. Culture is a contested, open-ended concept, and all of these categories have been subsumed by or equated with the concept of culture. Hence, we can say that multiculturalism is itself a theory of culture and its values comprising all its aspects.
  • Scholars have hailed the Indian Constitution of 1950 as a prescient model of multicultural accommodation for its recognition of a range of group-differentiated rights within a broadly liberal democratic framework.
  • The Indian Constitution embodies two distinct approaches to the accommodation of difference that might roughly be termed integrationist and restricted multicultural. It is true that in advance of many Western democracies notably the US, the Indian Constitution recognizes affirmative action (known as reservations) for historically disadvantaged groups.Nevertheless, as it is visible in Debating Difference, in India’s constitutional vision,a normative deficit remained with regard to the protection of cultural difference and minority practices.
  • As a basis for group differentiated rights, cultural differences, unlike ‘backwardness’, lacked adequate normative support in India’s constitutional vision. The normative deficit at India’s founding moment continues to be politically influential.
  • State assistance to minority cultures has been seen as an illegitimate concession motivated by electoral considerations, a line of critique exploited skillfully by a resurgent majority right.

Reinforcing India’s Multiculturalism:

  • For further reinforcing India’s multiculturalism there is a need to recognise the rights of minorities, vulnerable section, and women and work towards their upliftment.
  • For recognizing the minority rights the government has launched various schemes like pre-matric and post-matric scholarship, financial assistance for higher education especially for girls, skill India, and credit scheme under Mudra for encouraging entrepreneurship among minorities. However the need of the hour is to implement these schemes in true spirit.
  • The recently proposed citizenship Amendment Bill which seeks to provide citizenship status to the migrants is also a welcome step in further reinforcing multiculturalism.
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4 years ago

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Pritam Kumar
4 years ago
Reply to  Invincible

Hello Invincible….
Kindly use plain sheet of paper for writing answer…
-Introduction is okay….but points mentioned are not at par with the demand of question….the points seems more irrelevant rather supporting the topic….
-Points should be talking about multi-culture….unity in diversity….with example….except point 5 all the points are irrelevant….
Refer our model answer or answer written by Priyadarshi…for better clarity….

Zendagi_ migzara
Zendagi_ migzara
4 years ago

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Pritam Kumar
4 years ago

Hello Priyadarshi….
-Introduction is good…
-Points mentioned are good….but more points are required as a proof for showing multiculturalism a theory….
-The mention of failure on our part is good to accept multiculturalism is good….and good linkage with further reinforcing India’s multiculturalism…..Good points and well written….
-Conclusion is good…but it could have been more holistic…
Overall its a very good approach….well presented ideas and arranged points….
Well done….keep it up….
Marks awarded: 6/10