Q.2 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed considerable moral responsibility on India, both as one of the world’s largest countries and its most populous democracy. In the context of this, critically examine India’s abstention in the UN Security Council vote on Ukraine. (10 Marks)

Mentor’s comment-
  • https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/no-ovation-for-indias-stand-on-the-war-on-ukraine/article65222135.ece
  • In the intro, mention Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • In the body, examine the factors such as commitment to principles, India’s relations with Russia, India’s dependence on Russia for defence procurement, concerns with countering China, relations with the US and West etc.
  • Conclude by mentioning that  India cannot look away from the violation of widely accepted norms contained in the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine at the same time it has to keep in mind its vulnerabilities while criticising Russia. This puts India in a tight spot.
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javed laskar
javed laskar
6 months ago