Q.3) Even 50 years after the Green Revolution, we find ourselves trapped in an all-India agricultural landscape characterised by relatively low productivity levels that co-exist with high levels of variation in crop yields across our farming districts. In light of this, examine the factors responsible for the persistent problem of low productivity and yield variation across the country. (10 Marks)

“Mentor’s Comments”

  • https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/farm-laws-india-protest-7427334/
  • In the intro, mention that India achieved food security but at a significant cost.
  • In the body discuss the issue facing agriculture such as unevenness in the provision of common goods such as irrigation, power, road etc, fragmented efforts instead of learning from each other, various input subsidies and MSP worked to worsen the overall level of productivity.
  • Conclude by mentioning that the guiding principle of reforms in agriculture should be to create conditions that allow farm households to maximise their income while minimising the overall level of risk in Indian agriculture.
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Kartikey Singh
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ankita thakur
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