Q.3) From an occasional and sporadic instance of a cyberattack previously, cyberattacks on institutions such as banks and on critical infrastructure have proliferated to an alarming extent, signalling the emergence of the cyber weapon epoch. In light of this, examine the threats posed by cyber-weapons and suggest the steps to take to mitigate the threats. (10 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments


In the intro, mention the recent controversy over the Pegasus spyware.

In the body, discuss the various types of threats posed such as attacks on critical infrastructure, use in times of war to disrupt communication, use for snooping, interference in elections etc. In the steps, mention increasing investment, use of AI, careful analysis and assessment etc.

Conclude by mentioning the need to recognise the risk and prepare to deal with it.

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Utkarsha Yadav
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Utkarsha Yadav
Utkarsha Yadav
1 year ago
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