Q.3) What is the significance of jointness in the military? What are the challenges in bringing about jointness in Indian armed forces and suggest the measure to deal with these challenges. (10 Marks)

“Mentor’s Comments”

  • https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/getting-indias-military-convergence-formula-right/article35529115.ece
  • In the intro, briefly explain the idea of jointness in the military.
  • In the body, explain the importance of jointness in the three forces in dealing effectively with the challenges of modern warfare. In the challenges mention shortage, lack of operational charter, execution challenges etc. In the suggestion, mention the need for national security strategy, professional education and inter-service employment, resolving differences among forces mutually etc.
  • In conclusion, mention the need for jointness to deal with the technology-driven security challenges.


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Fauzyia Jafri
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