Q.4 As the head of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), you are tasked to complete the construction of a power plant. The project needs to be completed expeditiously to fulfil the promise made by the government to ensure access to power for all. The selected site is in a remote area and is ideal for plant construction. However, the project would require relocation of the people living in the vicinity. Initially, the local community objected to disruption in their lives but were convinced later about the economic benefits that would accrue to the region through this plant. The project had started gathering pace, but recently a local NGO working for environment protection got involved with the local community regarding the issue. And now the local community has started protesting against any developmental activity in the region. As the officer-in-charge for the speedy execution of the project, answer the following: (a) What are the issues involved in this case? (b) What course of action will you take and why? (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • Highlight the stakeholders and the key issues involved in the case.
  • Discuss the course of action that you will take.
  • Mention the reasons for the same.
  • Conclude with a way forward.
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