Q.4 You are representing India in an international bidding for oil exploration in a country. Other, richer countries are also bidding for the project. You are sure that your bid of exploration is better as well as cheaper than that of others, and that you will definitely win the bid. A day before the auction, you come to know that other countries are employing every means, including bribing the authorities for being successful. Some of the officials of the home country have also contacted you and made some demands in exchange for assurance of India winning the bid. You are aware of the criticality of this bid in terms of domestic economic and strategic implications. Based on above information, answer the following questions. (a) Specify the ethical dilemma(s) that you face in this situation. (b) Do ethical concerns really matter in international transactions or are they secondary to domestic interests? (c) What will be your course of action in the above situation? Justify with merits and demerits. (20 Marks)

Mentor’s Comments-

  • Identify the ethical dilemmas that you face.
  • Highlight the importance of ethical concerns in international transactions vis-a-vis domestic interests.
  • Then mention the course of action that you would follow. Justify it by taking into account the merits and demerits of the decision.
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