The time has come to insist that the work women perform for the family should be valued equally with men’s work during the continuance of marriage. Do you think that women should be paid ‘salary’ for the domestic household work they perform? Debate. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • Begin by mention the various nature of household services provided by women on a daily basis and how it is unpaid and not included in national income.
  • In the body write a few stats related to unpaid nature of household work and the number of women who engage in it without any recognition on a daily basis from the article. Argue for case of women to be paid for domestic household work. Mention legal cases, facts figures and the historical perspectives that are given in the article to substantiate your arguments. In the next part, argue for the downside of what happens, if we recognize the women household work as ‘salary’ in pure employee-employer relationship.
  • Conclude with a balanced way forward.
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Deepika Saini
Deepika Saini
1 year ago

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