What do you understand by probity in governance? Based on your understanding of the term, suggest measures for ensuring probity in government. (10 marks)

Mentor’s comment-

  • The question consists of two parts, the first part deals with the probity in the governance and the second part of asks about the measures to be taken to ensure the probity in the government.
  • First, define probity and explain how it manifests in the governance.
  • In the next part of the answer suggest measures to ensure the probity in the government- fixing accountability, legislative measures to fix accountability for mala fide acts, disciplinary penalties etc.
  • Conclude by stressing the need for society to evolve in such a way that probity and honesty are the norms rather than the exception.
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Dakshina Moorthy
8 months ago

Please review the answer.

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Vishal Agrawal
8 months ago

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