You are the head of a government office. One day you find out that your subordinate is infected with HIV. Before you could stop the news from spreading, it had already become a topic of discussion among other members of the office. Now, they are pressuring you to suspend, sack or transfer him as they fear that his presence in the office might lead to other members getting contaminated with the virus. You try to make them understand that HIV does not spread from touching, but they are so skeptic and scared that they refuse to even listen to your reasoning. They all decide to not work until a decision is met. Your office is already under a lot of work pressure and in the next week you are to finish an urgent work within a deadline. How will you tackle this problem? Elaborate the steps that you will take to handle it. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain what your role should be as the head of the government office.
  • In the body you can start by explaining the employees that a diseased person is to be empathized with and definitely not to be hated. To substantiate your arguments one can put forward few scientific researches in front of them to make them understand that they are not vulnerable to get infected.
  • Conclude with necessity and importance of ethics and work culture.
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Samiksha Tiwari
Samiksha Tiwari
2 years ago