This is the mark of a serious aspirant



I just need to say this to boost my motivation level (can help others too). As the prelims is approaching, i’ve more apprehensions about getting through it. And this is after the fact that I’ve studied not less than 5 hours a day (EVERYDAY without fail) consistently  for more than a year. Test scores varies, which further increase my doubts about my prep.

I am sure i am not the only one to feel that. 

To all who feel the same: 

“This is a sign of a serious aspirant! Yes you read it right. This means you have worked hard, you put so many things at stake, you took a toll on your social life, you cut down your friend-gatherings, you compromised your fun, you have put in hell lots of efforts. NOW is the time to have faith in your efforts. Do not let it go in vain at last moment. 

Test scores are not to decide your final result, they are to give you a direction to improve minutest mistake, before EXAM. Don’t ever Panic on low score. You will do much better than you think!”

Revise, Revise and Revise…..

This post was an email from a reader. Has been kept anonymous for her comfort but we hope this brings some peace to all of you who have had some bad days. If you wish to write to us about your good/ bad days – email us at hello[at]

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