Ask a Question, Answer a Question – Round 4

We have had 3 rounds of AQAQ before. Let’s have a dinner table conversation again. This would be the final one before this year’s prelims exam.

  1. AQAQ Round 1
  2. AQAQ Round 2
  3. AQAQ Round 3

This time we will try to keep it most practical. 


Do just one thing:

  1. Tell us about a topic/ theme which you think is definitely going to come in this years’ prelims and WHY. If you are a senior player in this game, all the better – you have seen UPSC’s pattern through years and you might just strike gold with your predictions coming true.

PS: Those reading this blog on the app, you won’t be able to read or put in your comments from there so please open this blog’s link from a mobile/ laptop browser.

PPS: The Final Full Test is on 23rd of July (the coming saturday). Mark your attempts by joining us for the Full Length Tests.

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