Free Webinar by First Attempt UPSC Topper || Arnav Shivendu, AIR 283 || My Love for Civil Services and How to Clear the Exam in First Attempt

Webinar Date: 8th August

Time: 7 PM

You and I share the same love and the same dream…to become an IAS officer. But that’s not all that we share. I also share with you the fear and anxiety that comes with this dream. 

It’s the same struggle every day, isn’t it? 

  1. How do I complete the syllabus?
  2. How do I maintain consistency?
  3. What to study, what not to study?
  4. How do I manage my time?
  5. How do I complete my optionals?
  6. How do write better answers?
  7. How can I remember this all?
  8. How can I manage current affairs? Etc.

It was the same for me. The same concern every day. I felt lost and overwhelmed too. And I totally understand what you are going through right now!

But, here’s the thing – All of these are SOLVABLE PROBLEMS!

You CAN learn how to manage your syllabus, you CAN learn to manage your time, you CAN learn how to write good answers. All you need is the right support and guidance. For example – I too was inconsistent with my studies. But then I broke down the syllabus into small pieces. I prioritised the topics. And my mentors helped me frame a schedule that matched my learning pace. That’s it! With such a small change I was able to bring more consistency in my studies.

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you. What are the small changes that you can make? What kind of schedule you can keep? Where can you look for the right study materials? Etc. And I would like you to learn from my experience so that your journey is smoother than mine.

Quite frankly, I am inviting you to share my experiences with you. I would like to share the mistakes I made and how I corrected them. I am hoping that you would learn from these experiences and clear the exam on your first attempt!

Remember, you can definitely clear this exam and I would like to share everything I learned with you. Do join me on the webinar at 7 P.M. on 8th August, and we can solve the problems together.

About The Webinar Host:

The Webinar is being hosted by a civil service officer Arnav Shivendu who cleared his exam in his first attempt in 2019 with AIR 283.

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